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Entries from September 2006

Katie Couric: Are You Listening?

September 29th, 2006 · Comments Off

Watch the video (Quicktime) Watch the video (Flash) (Note. I just swapped out the video I had up earlier due to its atrocious audio quality. This one’s basically the same, but with better audio). Katie Couric just instituted a segment on the CBS news called Free Speech. It is a good idea but doesn’t go […]

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So many ways to make TV

September 27th, 2006 · Comments Off

2006.08.30 Multicamp Steve Originally uploaded by kino-eye. I love this shot that David Tames shot of Steve Garfiel displaying all his video devices for a PodCamp video promo. Shot by David Tames on his High Def video camera [ generic viagra uk supplies | cialis alternative | directions for viagra use | which is better […]

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Digitized With Jonny Goldstein #3: Amanda Congdon Interview

September 26th, 2006 · 6 Comments

Watch the video Went out to dinner with Amanda Congdon and her crew as they begin to wend their way across the USA to Los Angeles in their Amanda Across America roadshow. She recounted the various people they had interviewed so far, including a Hudson River Keeper, Atrios, and Jeff Jarvis. She also talked about […]

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A little smackeroo

September 25th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Awwww….It’s Valentines Day in September. Another Jonny Goldstein flipbook. [ free consultation viagra | next day viagra delivery | viagra good morning | how much to buy viagra in pounds | generic viagra made in india | herbal viagra affiliate | viagra prescription uk | buy cialis once daily | cialis at real low prices […]

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Digitized With Jonny Goldstein, Episode 2: Courage

September 24th, 2006 · Comments Off

Watch the video Who do you know who embodies courage? According to a technology educator I met, a 78 year old British videoblogger who goes by Geriatric1927 does. He has had phenomenal response—almost 2,000,000 views of his first video alone. He has obviously discovered a passion, following up his first episode with 26 more videos […]

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Hand of Jonny

September 23rd, 2006 · 1 Comment

hand_of_jonnygoldstein Originally uploaded by jonny goldstein. Puny humans! Now that I have a Wacom Tablet, no one will be immune from the Hand of Jonny. [ viagra levitra | viagra | cialis on sale | cialis for woman | viagra pill | cialis overnight | free herbal viagra samples | pc100 viagra | indian viagra […]

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September 21st, 2006 · 1 Comment

I just got a new Wacom graphics tablet and I celebrated by making this animation in Betton’s free online flipbook maker. [ h h order script sec viagra | rx generic viagra | viagra forums | cream female viagra | cialis angioplasty | viagra side effects | buying cialis | viagra london | brand viagra […]

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Go to Jail. No wait. Go to jail again. No, hang on. OK, now go…

September 21st, 2006 · Comments Off

Videoblogger Josh Wolf spent a month in jail for not handing over video footage he shot of a political demostration to the Feds.Then they let him out. Then they said he had to go back. Now they are extending his break from jail for two days. Read all about it and watch video here. And […]

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Digitized With Jonny Goldstein, Episode 1: Peace

September 19th, 2006 · 3 Comments

Watch the video Welcome to the debut of Digitized With Jonny Goldstein. The theme of this episode, is that perennial loser, peace. More to the point, what happened to it? Can somebody tell me? Special bonus musical segment for nose flute afficionado, Alec Saunders. My reader Mongo Brain notes that the International Day of Peace […]

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Why Alec Saunders Should Vlog

September 16th, 2006 · 8 Comments

Watch the video There’s nothing I like more than a good blog-o-spheric brouhaha, and we have one right now. At an internet media industry event known as VON, Dina Kaplan of Blip.TV challenged text bloggers to become video bloggers. One of them, Andy Abramson, took on the challenge and posted his first video. Alec Saunders, […]

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