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Keeping it Visual at the 140 Characters Conference, NYC

April 16th, 2010 · No Comments · biz, comics, creativity, Digitized With Jonny Goldstein, drawings, education, entrepreneurship, graphic faciliation, images, making the world a better place, marketing, media musings, mobile media, People Who Rock, Performance, PR, Public Speaking

See You at 140 Characters Conference, NYC

I am delighted that I will be taking visual notes at the 2010 140 Characters Conference, as I did last year. Only this year, on the first day, I will be creating the notes on an iPad that award winning digital agency R/GA is sponsoring me with.

Since the conference is about the business and social implications of the emerging real-time web, I thought it was appropriate to use the "nowest" device, the iPad, to capture the ideas and energy of the event.

If you are attending, be sure to say hi, and if not, I hope my viznotes will help you glean some of the knowledge and energy that will be coursing through the 2 day event.

—Jonny Goldstein