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Making Sparks: Putting Technology at the Service of Childhood Development

October 27th, 2010 · No Comments · artteacher, creativity, digital divide, drawings, education, exploding tv, graphic faciliation, graphic recording, images, kids, making the world a better place, personal meanderings, Public Speaking, teaching, Uncategorized, visual facilitation

I was honored to have the chance to do large scale visual notes at the Sprout Fund’s Making Sparks event in Pittsburgh recently. Community members, childhood development specialists, technologists, and media producers converged to share ideas, tips, and inspiration around the topic of how to create projects that engage children ages birth to eight in the creative use of technology and media.

Heda Sharapan from the Fred Rogers Company made the crucial point that understanding kids is the crucial first step when thinking about appropriate use of technology to help them develop. That means spending a lot of time observing them at play.

The Sprout Fund brought in graphic recorder Leah Silverman, myself, and several others to translate the ideas swirling around the room into images and key points.

As you will hear in the video above (starting at 3:20), this topic is close to my heart, as I spent years working with children helping them grow through art, theater, and music, incorporating technology when appropriate.