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Show-n-Tell #6 on Nov 2. Stories from Olympic Diver, Craft Fair Organizer, British Designer, and Spirituality 2.0 Explorer

October 29th, 2012 · No Comments · Uncategorized

RSVP for Show-n-Tell #6, coming your way the first Friday of November, at 5PM at catapultPGH.

What: Pittsburghers sharing their stories and obsessions every first Friday at the catapultPGH coworking community space.


Olympic Diver Cassidy Krug at Show-n-Tell #6

Cassidy Krug will talk about her adventure competing in the 3 meter springboard diving competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Cassidy is back in Pittsburgh after her Olympic stint, and is exploring what’s coming next in her journey.

Minette Vaccariello

Designer Minette Vaccariello will talk about the Handmade Arcade, Pittsburgh’s oldest and biggest independent craft fair! Minette is one of the folks behind the event, and she is also a designer and creator of amazing shoulderware at Raymin. All that, plus she has been heavily involved in the Penn Avenue corridor in Garfield/Friendship catalyzing design projects to make the street welcoming and nurturing to all who live and work near it.

Brian Shope: Networking With the Boys

Brian Shope is a social media consultant who recently completed graduate work in Southern California examining the intersection of spirituality, religion, and web 2.0. Brian will discuss how social media is shaping culture from hierarchical, to flat and communal. He will also tie in the organizational ramifications for business or non-profit work. Cool stuff!

Alex Leeson-Brown
Alex Leeson-Brown is a designer who recently packed his bags and moved from Nottingham England to Pittsburgh. Alex will give an intro to what makes him tick, what fascinates him about design right now, and where he thinks his design interests may lead him in the future.

And as always, Jonny Goldstein of envizualize will emcee and capture the event with large scale visual notes.