Hey there!

Hi folks! If you've ever visited jonnygoldstein.com, you will notice a different look, and you will wonder where all the old blog posts are. They still exist over here.

The version of the site was too hard to maintain without frequent bugs, so I moved over to a new website management platform and that's what you're reading this on right now. As before, the site will feature my thoughts and explorations of whatever interests me at the moment. And what I'm really intrigued by these days is creativity itself. What is it? How does it work? What creative processes are the best fit for me? And of course I'm interested in the same questions as they apply to you and everyone else. By creativity, I'm mostly talking about personal expression, not "Out of the box thinking to sell our new widget," although that's a neat topic too. One creative method I like involves "throwing spaghetti against the wall" to see what sticks. So I hope when you interact with the pictures, text, and video there's some good creative sustenance for you, with or without marinara sauce. So again, welcome, or welcome back. It's a pleasure to have you here.