Jessica Ramos for NY State Senate

Like a lot of people, the election of 2016 got me from a passing interest in politics to actual involvement. To that end I've supported some political gatherings with visual listening. 

While there's not much I can do on the national level, there's a lot happening locally where I can have more impact. I was delighted that one of my neighbors has decided to run for NY state senate. 

Jessica Ramos kicked off her first official campaign event last night in her mission to replace NY state senator Jose Peralta. Peralta is part of a group of state senators who were elected as Democrats but supported Republican leadership, thus preventing passage of the progressive legislation his constituents want. In this video Jackson Heights resident  Honor Mosher gives Jessica a fiery intro, and then Jessica introduces herself to this packed house of enthusiastic neighborhood voters. She talks about a few issues that are important to her: renter protections, getting funding owed to NY schools from the state, improving NYC's transit system and representing the progressive views of her neighborhood by replacing Jose Peralta. Ramos is a Colombian-American, Queens born and bred, energetic, mother of two, who worked as an aid to Mayor Diblasio. I will be supporting Jessica in the 2018 election. Her main challenge is name recognition---she wants to meet you! Feel free to reach out to her campaign if you want her to speak to any group you are part of---your building, community group, etc. She is @jessicaramos on Twitter if you want to get in touch.