Reboot Talk: Cultivating Friendships on Emergent Platforms in an Age of Disconnection

In this video, I show my personal response  a widespread phenomenon in the USA, the shrinking number of close friendships for adults. In our diverse, geographically mobile, individualistic, technologically mediated society, people are becoming more socially isolated, with an average of two close friends per adult. If two is the average, that means a lot of people have less. Whatever the national reality, a few years ago, after having moved around the country multiple times in a short time period, I found my network of close friends had shrunk, and I decide to take matters into my own hands to see if I could improve my situation. Watch the video to see what happened in this illustrated talk.

Notes; I gave this talk at the Reboot Workshop, an adult career exploration workshop produced by Nate Cooper at qLabs in NYC.