Celebrating my way to learning to ride the unicycle

Jogging was killing my knees, so I decided to find a lower impact (and more fun) way to exercise. To that end, I decided to learn to ride the unicycle. To make sure I associated positive feelings to the inevitable slog of learning a new skill, I made sure to work in little celebrations to my practice process. Every time I mounted the unicycle, I gave myself a little silent cheer. I repeated the cheer when I got my feet and pedals in the right position. Then at the end, when I dismounted (or bailed out), I celebrated, sometimes silently, or sometimes out loud as I did in this video. Why the celebration? BJ Fogg, the celebrated psychologist maintains that celebration is key to accelerating the formation of new habits. In my case, adding these celebration moments made me crave getting on my unicycle, and made me feel good whether I went three feet, or three hundred!